This blog is to invite discussion of the use of solfege and music training.

We have been using solfege effectively for more than 20 years of teaching with the “Silva Piano Method“. Follow the link for the specifics on solfege on the Silva Piano Method page of our website. We will discuss the sensory integration using solfege combined with proper technique and great materials. Why do many other countries incorporate this skill in musical training and it is not widely used here in the United States? Solfege is not addressed in most of the piano methods used here. Teachers seem uncomfortable with it and there are no mainstream methods available to make it available to teachers that are acquainted with it’s usefulness. In many universities, solfege is indeed required for music majors for a class or two, but this knowledge is not integrated with pedagogy courses (they use mainstream methods).

Let’s begin by agreeing that there is such a thing as “musical language” that is written and indeed, can be spoken or sung in note names. The discussion is about WHAT we call the notes and how to learn them.