Studio News is Here!

Hello everyone and welcome to our updated website complete with studio blogs, news and announcements and more! We would like to have this website be your one stop place to find out what is going on at the studios whether it is a special event or concert, reminders for make up lessons etc. There will also a students-only portal which will feature a discussion blog and lots studio resources like administrative papers, tuition information and teaching resources for students including photos, videos, listening assignments, concert venues and more!  This section is dynamic and will continue to grow as we add more content.

Check out the Calendar Page and see the countdown ticker for the upcoming September Break- that’s kind of cool.

Parents, see the link on our “Silva Piano Method” page to a Malcolm Gladwell article that is very interesting about children and learning. It is entitled, “The Examined Life” and found in the New Yorker Magazine from 2001. We extracted an excerpt and you can find it on the same page.

Calling on our former students far and wide: We invite you to share your success and we will add you to a new page highlighting the successes of past student! Let us know about your achievements whether it be in music or another field: conductor of an orchestra (Andrew), power lawyer in New York City (Sabrina), seniors studying music at a university (Emily and Katie), Georgia Tech graduate and successful bio medical engineer (Melanie) and many more. A few of you are raising families of your own by now! Let us know where you graduated and what you are doing now. Send us a few lines, links, photos and videos we can share. Link us to your websites and social media pages and stay in touch once in a while or regularly to keep your information updated.

Students: you have all made an amazing start and are practicing well! You are all improving- learning faster,  your technique is getting better, nice attention to detail and other great qualities are evident. Parents: you are doing a great job!